DIY Organic Facial Powder Recipe

Hey friend! It’s Jess, here to share another DIY recipe that has had loads of reader requests – DIY Organic Facial Powder. This DIY facial powder recipe has been a long time coming. If only there were more hours in the day (are you saying that with me)!? After publishing the DIY recipe and selling my Organic Foundation (sunscreen, moisturizer, & foundation base – all-in-one) I have been asked almost daily when I’ll come out with the powder recipe (and the product for sale). Finally, the DIY powder recipe is here.

This powder provides a perfect finish for my DIY organic foundation recipe!

So, WHY is it important to consider the facial powder you apply?

You know that I have to go here. We HAVE to be aware of what we put inside of AND ON our bodies. So, what had I been using back in the day?

Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Pearl Powder, Avena Sative (Oat) Kernal Flour, Silver, Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Extract, Copper Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate. May Contain: Mica (CI 77019), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499)1

Ouch! That ‘natural‘ mineral facial powder contains some nasty stuff, huh!? I thought I was being nice to my face by using this powder! AND at $34.00 for .42oz? Double Ouch!

Another very popular brand advertising their line as a way to, “…nourish, energize, and renew…” skin is falling short (and charging A LOT). Check out the ingredient list below and keep in mind that this product will set you back about $21.00 for .21 oz.

Once again, Ouch!!!

Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Corn Starch Modified, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Magnesium Stearate.2

Nothing is organic, so you know that first ingredient corn starch is genetically engineered… Oh wait, the second ingredient is ‘Corn Starch Modified‘!? Umm, yeah. Let’s stick with organic, healthy, easily obtainable ingredients, shall we? #RunAway #SaveYourMoney #SaveYourFace

This is one of the easiest DIY recipes that I have posted. You need only 5 ingredients. Yeah, only five!

DIY Organic Facial Powder Recipe


Make It

  • This powder could not be more easy to create!
  • Carefully combine all ingredients into your spice grinder and pulse until evenly combined.
  • Be careful not to inhale powders, especially the zinc. Use a face mask (or hold your shirt over your face).
  • Use an application puff (or paper towel) to test as you create. Once happy with your shade, carefully pour into your container(s) and secure lid.
  • Below are the ratios I use to create light, medium, and dark powders, BUT here’s the beauty of this recipe…you can play with the ratios until you find your perfect match! Just keep notes as you go.
    Light Powder
    1. 2 T Arrowroot
    2. 1 t Zinc
    3. ¼ t Cacao
    4. 1/16 t Cinnamon
    Medium Powder
    1. 3 T Arrowroot Powder
    2. 1.5 T Cacao Powder
    3. 1 T Zinc
    4. ¼ t Cinnamon
    Dark Powder
    1. 2 T Arrowroot Powder
    2. 2.5 T Cacao Powder
    3. 1 T Zinc
    4. ¼ t Cinnamon
  • Add 4-5 drops of Vitamin E to your spice grinder while mixing to help your healthy new powder stay fresh longer!

*C = Cup, T = Tablespoon, t = Teaspoon; 4 T = ¼ C

Easy Peasy,

Possible Q&As

If you want this recipe to come out silky smooth with no little chunks of any one ingredient standing out, then the answer is yes. Or, if you don’t mind smashing the ingredients together with a spoon or fork for a LONG time (trust me on this one, I’ve tried it) then you don’t have to have a grinder, but you’ll never get the totally combined, silky smooth DIY organic facial powder for which you are hoping. I’m telling you… a quality spice grinder is a fantabulous piece of equipment to keep on hand for DIYs and in cooking, too.

Alright, so who’s ready?

Will you make this DIY facial powder first, perhaps the DIY sunscreen, or maybe the DIY foundation?


Would you love to try this product,

but you aren’t always a DIY-ish person? Please, head on over to my Pronounce Skincare Shop where I sell this powder and foundation.

While you are there, please look around at all of my other skincare creations. I love making them for my family and for you!

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  1. I sooooo wanted this to work. I used a coffee mill to mix the arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (which I had on hand and have seen in other DIY powder foundation recipes), cinnamon, and vitamin E oil, and while I got the right shade, it wouldn’t stick to my face or blend in any way; the powder just crumbled off. I don’t want to have to buy mineral foundation again (cost + toxicity), but the recipe, while it smelled good, simply didn’t work. Any tips or suggestions you can provide would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jackie! I’m sorry it isn’t working for you. I find that this works best using a brush and applying over foundation or at least a face moisturizer. It’s my daily go-to, so give it a try over foundation &/or face moisturizer and see if that helps.

  2. Thank you so much for this and the foundation recipe! I used to use a mousse foundation and this gives very similar results so it was an easy transition. It’s wonderful that you are so willing to share these recipes. Not a lot of people who sell products are willing to. It’s actions like this that make the world a better place.

  3. This is copied from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) page about sunscreens.

    “Nanoparticles could cause lung damage when inhaled. Inhalation of nanoparticles is dangerous for many reasons. EWG strongly discourages the use of loose powder makeup or spray sunscreens using titanium dioxide or zinc oxide of ANY particle size.”

    The page also talks about nano versus non-nano labelling of products.

    “A number of companies sell products advertised as containing “non-nano” titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These claims are generally misleading. While particle sizes vary among manufacturers, nearly all would be considered nanomaterials under a broad definition of the term, including the definition proposed in 2011 by the federal Food and Drug Administration.”

    Based on these statements, it would seem that there are no guarantees that zinc oxide sold as non-nano is truly non-nano and regardless of whether it is non-nano or not, the EWG “strongly discourages” using loose powder containing zinc oxide.

    I love the idea of having zinc oxide in the facial powder because of its sun screen and skin healing properties but am questioning how safe it is to be applying it in its powdered form.

    1. Hey thanks for this. I trust EWG completely. However I noticed that they give powders with zinc oxide a rating of 1 -which is a low hazard rating. Why do you think that is if they considered this to be not good for health?

      1. Most likely because EWG test zinc oxide in liquid form and can’t be inhaled that way. I literally hold my breath while applying powders, open the window and leave the room for a while after I have applied it. It’s a hassle but so is everything that’s better for your health!

  4. Not recipe related but I do have a few questions about the spice grinder that you use. How do you clean it? I’ve been reading reviews for it on Amazon and see where people are saying it is a pain to clean and recommended getting 2. One for spices and one for coffee. Lol, that would mean I’d need 3 if I wanted a dedicated one for making something like this powder. There has got to be a better option.

    1. Hi Lisa~ Hmmm, I really don’t find it too terribly tedious to clean mine. I just use soap and water to clean it, being careful around the blades. I find that spices like turmeric tend to leave a lingering scent in my spice grinder and Instant Pot, but don’t have any issue with anything else. I hope this helps!

  5. I am allergic to Vitamin E, can I leave it out of recipe for the powder? You said that the Vit. E would help it last longer. How long will it last without it? Any substitution that would preserve it? Do any of your DIY recipes require the Vit. E to make them work? Thanks!!

    1. Great question! Yes, you sure can leave it out, especially in this kind of recipe using only powders. This recipe (even without the vitamin e) will last you a long, long while. Just make sure you keep it covered tightly when not in use, don’t get water in it, etc etc etc. You can leave it out of other recipes, too…but just note that they might have a shorter shelf life. It’s all about taking great care with natural products. I hope this helps. Happy DIYing!

  6. This maybe a goofy questions but can I still use my grinder for coffee after doing this or do I need a separate one just for this?

  7. […] You can also find glass spray bottles, rollers and droppers. Aaand if you wish to make your own powders and deodorants, we got you covered – take a look at various types of plastic […]

  8. Hi! What an awsome recipe, I want to try it out rigth now! Just a question: This is a loose powder, right? I’m a bit clumsy, so I’m afraid that I’ll spill it out. I’ve seen tutorials how to repare a broken pressed powder with rubbing alcohol. Do you think that would work for this recipe? Or I’ll just have to learn how to be careful…

    1. Hi there! You’re correct, this is a loose powder. We have not tried to create a pressed powder. I’m not sure if adding rubbing alcohol would create one. I’m sorry, I wish I could help you more!

  9. OMG…I just got through making this powder, after so many failed attempts with other recipe’s…this one finally worked. The difference? The blender for sure.
    I would love to make a liquid, do you have any suggestions. I can hardly believe this one worked. THank you!!

    1. Omg! Yay! That’s so great to hear. We are so happy you love it 🥰 we have a recipe for our facial foundation! This foundation has a thick, extremely spreadable consistency and provides you with light, effective, and even coverage. I hope this helps you!

  10. Hello! I have tried making a dry foundation for the past two days, up until 3a.m because of how excited I was to be making my own foundation. It was a total mess and nothing came out even close to my skin color which is a warm tone/fair/golden. Crazy. I have tried so many recipes I could scream. They are either grey, or I even ended up with a gorgeous but useless lavender. I am going to try this one. But I am waiting on yet another fail. Thank you for being the ONLY person who has warned folks not to breathe in the Zinc Oxide. THank you for the recipe and hopefully I will receive a response…as I am becoming quite despondent over this.

  11. Just made this last night and it turned out great! My face feels great this morning with just this on plus my misting spray (aloe, glycerine, water, and essential oils). I adjusted the cacao and cinnamon amounts until it got to the shade I wanted, but I should have made more careful notes! Next time I plan on using my scale to weigh out the grams as I mix — also to know exactly how much the final yield is! I can’t believe I was paying $32 for 0.21 oz of mineral powder foundation before now. This recipe is a game changer!

  12. Hello ma’am! I’m from India. Do you ship products here? Also, would cocoa powder work like cacao does? I have no idea what the difference is since I don’t use it much.

    1. Hello in India! Yes, I ship worldwide. International shipping is flat rate $11 USD per item. You’ll see shipping rates populate during the checkout process. And yes, you can use cacao and cocoa interchangeably.

    2. IRA,
      For $11 per item. Not worth it…esp covert to Rupees. Create your own n just thank n appreciate the Admin for her lovely recipes.

  13. If you should not inhale the zinc how do you apply to your face ? I feel like youbcoukd possible end up inhaling some that way?? I made the foundation and I really like it but it’s a bit greasy for my face so I think the powder would be nice for that! Thanks!

    1. Hi Devon! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your foundation! You ask a great question, when the zinc mixes with the other ingredients they bind together so you don’t have to worry about breathing it in. Also, it sticks to your face, so you’re good! Since you’re loving the foundation I think you will love the way the powder looks over top! Happy DIYing 😊

  14. Thanks for this great recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Currently, I use Mac’s Studio Fix which is supposed to be foundation/powder in one. I just brush that on and it has good coverage. I’m trying to figure out whether I would need just your powder recipe, foundation recipe, or both. I only use powder now and nothing else. Do you think the powder alone may be enough coverage? I mainly use powder to even out skin tone & tone down an occasional blemish.

    1. Hi there Ellen! I can’t live without the powder! I use the powder daily after I moisturize. I like to use the foundation and powder together when I am getting a little more fancy. If you are only using a powder now, I think you will be happy with this powder recipe. I hope this helps you 😊

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  16. Hi there, I was wondering whether coconut flour could be substituted for arrowroot powder for the facial powder recipe? Both are fine white powders… so I’m curious if they could be used interchangeably. I welcome your feedback.

    1. Post

      Hi Marina. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. :/ Arrowroot powder has much more ‘slip’ to it than coconut flour and is much, much more fine. The only other substitution I could recommend with this similar slip is cornstarch (but I don’t really recommend that, either). I hope this helps. Happy DIYing!

    1. Post

      Hi Saba. You could use cocoa powder or cacao powder (I strongly prefer cacao powder). You cannot use coffee. I hope this helps. Happy DIYing!

  17. I’ve enjoyed using arrowroot as a face powder. It gives a nice finish and keeps me shine free better than any other powder I’ve used. Though I’m curious, has anyone tried bamboo or rice powder?

  18. Two Questions:

    1. Can I use this as both eyeshadow and face powder?
    2. My friend is severely allergic to cinnamon. Can I wear this around her?

    1. Hi Emma! Great questions! Yes, you can use this as eyeshadow and face powder. Since we don’t know much about your friends allergy, to be on the safe side, you can just leave the Cinnamon out of the recipe. Hope this helps you! Happy DIYing 😊

  19. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing this. “DIY’s” like this one are revolutionary and beautiful, putting the power back in the hands of infinite amounts of people down the line, who are constantly unknowingly and/or helplessly bombarded by multitudes of unhealthy/unethical products they are told they cannot live without. I have oily skin, so I like to use a little face powder. Otherwise I would not use anything. I just want to thank you personally for this, because in this temporarily money-ruled society, I am now at a fraction of the cost, and I can feel like I am not damaging my skin in ways I cannot even be sure of, literally every time I would run the powder brush across my face. It still amazes me when I think of the numb resolve of so many companies that are willing to contribute to the health-decline of millions through their product for profit. Together, with these kinds of innovations inspired by the past, present, future- and replicated or improved, I believe we can change the face of the world.

  20. This sounds amazing, and I’m so glad I found this! I had a question about it: how long does it usually last for? Could I go all day without reapplying it? Thank you!:)

    1. Hi Kirsten! I use this powder everyday and only apply it once in the morning. I have never felt like I need to reapply it throughout the day. Happy DIYing 😊

  21. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I’ve been looking for simple DIY chemical free make up and this is just beautiful. I’ve made my first batch and its perfect!! Not only does it look great, my face smells like amazing!!!

    1. Post
  22. I just finished making this properly last night and i have to say it’s pretty good. I initially tried it without a proper spice grinder to mix and the “stick” wasn’t very good. The powder seems to cling together much better now and i’m less worried about flying particles etc.
    Investing in a cheap spice/coffee grinder helped a lot.
    It took a while to get it to the right colour for my skin but i think i’ve nailed it now.
    Pleased to not have to buy commercial products 🙂

  23. I’m about to make this powder, but everything I’ve read states that through extensive research, zinc is toxic to inhale- either non-nano (which is misleading) or nano particles.

    1. Post

      Feel free to wear a mask, if you like (or simply cover your face with your shirt). You certainly do not want to inhale a lot of zinc, so take care when transferring it from the bag to your new creation. And yes, always source non-nano zinc!

  24. Hi! I was wondering if it possible to make the foundation & powder with out sunscreen (zinc)? Would I have to modify the recipe? Or would it be better to buy it made already from you?! Thank you!!

    1. Post

      Hi Gretchen. Thanks for stopping by! Honestly, I have not made it without the non-nano zinc, so I can’t say for sure. I do know that I have tried other DIY recipes with only arrowroot (no zinc) and they don’t have the ‘stick’ that mine does. The combination in the recipes I share here is pretty spot on. That said, you could totally give it a try! Let me know if you do. Otherwise, I do sell both my organic facial powder in the shop, as well as my organic facial foundation (…and I recently added my Total Face System…which I’m sure you’d love, too)! Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

    1. Hi! We have never tried to turn this powder into a pressed powder. If you figure out how to, please come back and let us know!

  25. This powder is even better than any commercial brand I have ever tried, even the most expensive ones. And it’s so easy to customize. I ommited the zinc powder and used less arrowroot to make it darker. I also added a bit of uncolored mica for a subtle glow. I tweeked the color a few times so I don’t have the exact quantities and I also used a little nutmeg and ginger not only for the color but scent as well. I am really grateful I found your site. When I first read about diy makeup I thought it must be so hard to create the right color (especially since I am not artistically inclined) but it was actually much easier than I expected. And it’s so inexpensive I plan to mix a bronzer as well tonight. I can’t thank you enough for sharing all these recipes!!!

    1. Post
  26. I just made this powder without the zinc oxide (substituting extra arrowroot powder, as directed) and it is perfect! I don’t usually use powder because it makes my face look so dry and just accentuates my wrinkles but in my DIY quest for natural products, I’ve been using oil as moisturizer and I always use WAY too much, leaving my face quite oily for several hours, if not all day. I don’t wear foundation for the same reason (besides pure laziness), it always makes my face look so dry, even if I buy the creamy ones for dry/mature skin. I have a pretty bad case of rosacea, too, so saying that I look better without foundation than with is a big deal! I just made Scratchmommy’s foundation recipe, too, I’m waiting for it to set! It looks so moisturizing I’m going to start using it instead of my oils, two birds!

    Anywho, I had no intention of making this powder for the reasons I mentioned but as oily as my face has been, I needed to do something. (I honestly don’t care how oily my face is/looks but I have to put my hair up for a few hours after applying my oils or it gets oily, too! Just the strands around my face and neck, which is not particularly attractive, considering I’m an overweight woman with thin hair.) I thought, “So what if I hate it? I’m only wasting a little arrowroot powder!” I’m SO glad I did! It does NOT make me look like I’m wearing pancake makeup, and it honestly does not look like I’m wearing powder at all, it just absorbs the oils, leaving a smooth finish while adding a bit of coverage. I love it!

    I wasn’t sure about the shade (I used the medium recipe) so I put the arrowroot powder and cinnamon in a bowl and added the cocoa (I didn’t have cacao) by 1/2 Tablespoons, stirring with a fork in between, until I got to exactly 1 1/2 Tablespoons (the recommended amount). I thought it looked about right so I went to a mirror and tested it on my face, in case I needed a bit more cocoa. It looked good so I added the Vitamin E oil, 4 drops of Rosewood essential oil, and 4 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil before mixing again with the fork and putting it through the grinder. I know you don’t need essential oils but I just love the smell, and though the amount added probably won’t bear any benefits, I like to think they might! Either way, it looks and smells delightful! Not only do I love it, it’s so cheap and easy to make! Thanks, Scratch Mommy!

  27. Hi Jessica, I now have all my orders in and I can start making this. I made the sunscreen and have to say it made my skin look a bit white:) but it might have been from the bottom of the bowl. I’ll try it out more next week when we are going on vacation.
    I have a question about the zinc. You say to wear a face ask when making the sunscreen but how about when you apply the powder foundation to your face? Do I need to pinch my nose to no breathe it in?
    Thanks for your wonderful website! I love it!!

  28. My only concern about this recipe is that in other posts, you tell us to avoid breathing in the zinc oxide. If we’re putting it on our face still in powder form, we’re bound to breathe some in. What about this recipe makes it safe as opposed to when it’s not mixed?

    1. Great question, Jennifer! When the zinc mixes with the other ingredients they bind together so you don’t have to worry about breathing it in then. Also, it sticks to your face, so you’re good! I hope this helps you!

  29. Thank you, Jessica
    This is going to be a long post. Thank you for (what feels like) changing my life. In an hour I’m going to bring my DIY items to a get together with ten of my friends – I want everyone I know to have the experience I had today.

    I can’t believe I waited until today to try this stuff.
    My boyfriend and I have not used shampoo in a year (diluted baking soda works great) or conditioner (diluted apple cider vinegar is awesome, if not unexpectedly effective). We eat organic. We shop locally when we can. Our household and body cleaning products are either homemade or natural – and we do our best to check the ethics of the companies we support…………..
    And although I’ve gone without deodorant for six months and it was “okay,” there was NO WAY that my boyfriend could do this. He tried all kinds of products and had limited luck. We made your deodorant this morning. Omgomgomgomg where have you been?????

    With that in mind I looked at the rest of your website and realized that I’ve been putting off buying make up (I am nearly all out of my stash) because I hate the idea that I’m a hypocrite for doing so well with my diet and then putting #/@%×^€ onto my skin. I’ve researched and I found what I thought was good, but I’ve never felt great about the purchases or the effect of wearing those products.
    So after using your deodorant for a few hours, I figured I had nothing to lose and a lot gain: I forged ahead making your beauty items this afternoon.
    Again: Omgomgomgomg your foundation and this powder have me looking better than I did with any of the ridiculously expensive products I was considering or have EVER purchased in the past. I’m including those high price chemically unpronouncable ones when I say this.

    Seriously, Thank you for changing my perspective today. You may not know all the people you’re affecting – so I want you to know how grateful I am and how inspired I feel right now. Now imagine all the people who don’t bother posting – you’re having a huge impact on a lot of individuals.
    Thank you,

    1. Post

      <3 Reading your words totally brought tears to my eyes. This is some of the nicest feedback I've ever received. Changing lives is why I do what I do. You are appreciated and I'm so happy to hear that you are doing so well and making so many positive changes. Thank you for sharing. <3

  30. So happy you are sharing your wonderful DIY recipes!
    I have been using an “all natural” mineral make up containing mica. It claims this is harmless… now I wonder… What are your thoughts? I will try your recipe, can’t wait! Thanks!

  31. Hi Jessica, I love this recipe. I’m amazed at the quality of coverage and the soft matte look. One thing I’ve been concerned about in the weeks since I’ve started using it, though, is the amount of powder that billows into the air when I apply it, since supposedly it’s not good to inhale zinc oxide. I’m wondering if you’ve found any way of “taming” the powder so that it doesn’t billow as much? I’ve tried adding some essential oils – this seems to help somewhat, but not a lot. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Wendy! Yay…so glad you love it, too. And yes…you can tame the powder a bit! The zinc I use is a larger sized zinc (non-nano with a mesh size of 325 nm), and while inhaling it obviously isn’t good, since the zinc is binding with arrowroot, cacao powder, etc etc etc, you aren’t inhaling just straight zinc. So, that makes me feel better. Just use common sense when working with zinc (use a mask or cover your mouth with your shirt, add it carefully, etc etc etc)

      Yes, you can add some EOs to ‘tame’ the powder. You can also add more Vitamin E. I hope this helps.

    2. My massage therapist who is also an aromatherapist turned me on to making my own powder foundation. I have yet to make it as I learned of this exciting DIY last night but she did put a bit of hers on the back of my hand to see it. She adds a couple of drops of Jojoba oil to hers along with several drops of lavender and sweet orange oil. Surprisingly it is still powder in consistency but it applies easily without getting everywhere, I didn’t even notice powder as she applied it in natural lighting. Can’t wait for my ingredients to arrive Monday so I can make my first batch! Thanks Scratch Mommy for sharing, best recipe I’ve found with good base measurements to start off with while having the SPF property.

  32. Have a ? You mention being careful not to inhale the zinc oxide when making this powder… Shouldn’t I be concerned then when I am brushing this powder on my face that I might also inhale some in?

    1. Post
  33. How well does this powder stick to your face? I tried to make a powder earlier and it didn’t stick at all. i am so worried this recipie will do the same.

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah! Hmmmm, I have had no issues with this powder not sticking, so I’m not entirely sure what you mean. I’m not sure how my recipe varies from the one you tried. But…I say give this a try and I think you’ll be pleased. Happy DIYing! 🙂

  34. I made this and LOVE it! I am never buying powder again, and I’m telling everyone i know about your site. But I’m concerned about breathing in the zinc oxide every day when I apply the powder. What are your thoughts on that? Any reassurances?

    1. Post
  35. Hi, thank you so much for your inspiring DIY recipes! I use your site as a reference for my experiments all the time now! I was wondering if kaolin powder would work for this recipe instead of arrowroot? I’ve noticed that arrowroot dries my skin out some. Thank you for your time.

    1. Post

      Hi Julianna. Thanks for your kind words. <3
      Sure, I say give it a try! You might need to adjust ratios, so just test as you go...and give it a whirl. Happy DIYing! 🙂

  36. Thanks for posting your recipes!
    I have a sensitivity to cocoa/cacao, have you tried subbing carob powder? Or have any thoughts on that?
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hello! No, I haven’t tried subbing carob in this recipe, but I do love carob! I think you’d have a pretty close 1-to-1 ratio from cacao to carob, honestly.

      If you are interested in more carob food recipes, we have a few here on this site. Happy DIYing!! 🙂

  37. Hi!

    I can’t believe I have paid so much for bottles and jars of well…crap to be honest all these years. Posts like yours are so inspiring to me as I have also started making my own lip balm and toothpaste. Now, I am so very excited to try out your recipe for foundation and powder!

    I have a question though; what is the difference btw arrow root powder, and arrow root flour? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hooray for the healthy DIY fire being lit within you!!! <3

      There is actually no difference, from what I know (someone might correct me, but I think that's correct). I use organic, sustainably-sourced arrowroot powder, but I do believe the flour really is the same thing.

      Happy and healthy DIYing to you!

  38. Jess, what about a blush? I have been using bare minerals but I wear makeup maybe 10x a year bc I have just gotten so used to my DIY natural products. I will try the foundation and powder. I have some ground hibiscus powder and it’s a very pretty rosy color. Can that be used alone as a blush or does it need other ingredients?? Thanks for all your recipes. I use so many of them and can’t ever see myself going back to chemicals. Even when I go to the Salon for a hair trim, I have used same guy for 20 years….I just have him wet my hair instead of washing with their shampoos. I use henna instead of salon color. Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration!

  39. Finally got around to making a batch of this powder, and I have to say that I am impressed! I had to use cocoa instead of cacao but it seems to work just fine. I also used 7 drops of Vitamin E and 4 drops of jojoba (which is my favorite skin oil), and I think it came out to a perfect consistency. I chose not to include the zinc (even though I do have it in the house) because my skin is incredibly sensitive and I have to be really careful about it, and I was also a bit concerned about putting it in a powder – I don’t want to inhale it every day when I am putting on my powder. I will use the zinc in preparations that are more creamy instead. If anyone comes up with ideas for a red dye to use in the recipe (beet powder, maybe?) will you post those? Thanks a million for this recipe!

    1. Post

      SO glad you love it, Kay!

      And yes…to anybody else who’s curious, you can definitely leave out the zinc! Just replace it with extra arrowroot and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

  40. Being vegan I do not use bees wax, can candelilla or carnauba wax be used?
    It sounds great, the coverage looked good to me. I have systic acne scars, and redness, not terrible, but my skin is far from perfect. Most makeup, even the so called natural ones make my skin burn and itch. Can’t wait to try your recipe.

    Thank you,

  41. Sooo excited to put NATURAL sunscreen!! I’m absolutely convinced that sunscreen is the key to autism. Think about it…it’s in EVERYTHING and they really started pushing it and putting it everywhere in the 50’s. Look at the autism statistics…you do the math. I try to stay away from sunscreen at every turn. Just a guess, but I’m betting on it. Wonderful product and recipe!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  42. This is very helpful for my acne prone skin, im sick of using some other foundation cause im ending up having a breakouts, wanna try some organic product but there are all hell expensive!!, i should give it a try!! Thank you so much

    How does this diy smells like?

    1. Hi there! Jess and I would say this powder smells like a snickerdoodle cookie 😋 You should give this recipe a try! We think you will love it 😉

  43. This looks awesome! I just can’t help but think of other possibilities, of having the medium or dark powders and amping up the cinnamon measurements to make the powder a little warmer in colour, and using it as a bronzer! And I wonder if there’s anything that could give it a more peachy colour to have a more subtle blush effect? Maybe taking out some of the cacao powder and putting in more cinnamon, or something else even. I just want to try everything!

    1. Post

      yes, Yes, YES!!! Now THAT is the DIY inspiration I love to see. 🙂

      Of course, play around with different ideas. You could add some turmeric for a different effect…endless possibilities! Happy DIYing! 🙂

  44. Hi Jess! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe! I can’t wait to try it and replace all the “natural” makeup I’ve been using, but I do have a question. I’m Asian and have a more yellow undertone. Do you have any suggestions for the ratio between cacao powder and cinnamon to start with?

    1. Post
  45. Hi! I just made a batch of this powder using all of the ingredients you listed. It wont to stick to my face, any ideas to help it stick?

    1. Post

      Hi! Hmmmmm, won’t ‘stick’? I haven’t had an issue with sticking, at all, so I’m not entirely sure what this really means. You mean you don’t see the powder? Does it need to be darker (more cacao, perhaps)? Did you follow the direction exactly and use the same ingredients?

    2. I had the same problem initially. I found the powder didnt blend into my face. The issue was that my face was already dry so there were no oils for the powder to soak into. I paired it with the foundation and it worked wonderfully.

    1. Post

      Mmmmmm, perhaps. I suggest vitamin E, as it’s great for skin and acts as a way to help elongate the life of your powder, by way of decreased oxidation.

  46. I may be a bit partial but this recipe is so awesome! The original Scratch Mommy hits it out of the park with the recipe and photo skills. 😉

  47. This is really great. I am spending a fortune on Jane Iredale mineral foundation (its way more than $34). But unfortunately I am a bit older than you and have to use a liquid. Do you have a recipe for liquid foundation? Thanks.

  48. This sounds really interesting Jess. I have the WORST time finding the right powder shade for my very light complexion, and I have pink cheeks. I usually (honestly) stay away from DIY beauty products, but this one actually sounds easy. I actually have everything except the arrowroot powder. I may actually give this a try because it sounds like fun to create my perfect shade. Or, maybe I’ll just wait until you sell it 😉

  49. Ok, girl I need to make this…then maybe I would actually take care to make myself up in the the morning 🙂 It is amazing what 3 kids will do to your morning priorities LOL 🙂

    1. Post

      Ha! Right? Yes, I feel that pain. I’m not sure it will ever be the same. 😉

      …but, good news is this powder recipe is so darn easy to make AND whip on your face in the AM. Hooray for small victories! Glad you like the recipe.

    1. Post
  50. This is great, I’ve been wanting to make my own foundation powder! This is a great reference, thanks 🙂

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  51. Love this! It’s so important to use safe and natural ingredients on your skin. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing DIY body care recipes with us.

    1. Post

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