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Non-Nano Zinc Oxide


Mesh Size: Pronounce Skincare Zinc Oxide is non-nano with a mesh size of 325 nm.

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You can purchase Pronounce Skincare SkinShade HERE. You can purchase Pronounce Skincare Foundation HERE.

But, if you want to whip up your own creations by following my DIY recipes for ‘sunscreen’ HERE and foundation HERE, you can purchase a small amount of non-nano zinc oxide from me. Allow me to explain…

This is the best zinc oxide I’ve found and the only one I can fully stand behind right now. So…yes, you certainly can purchase it from New Directions Aromatics (they are a wonderful company, and no…they are not paying me anything to say this) and I encourage you to visit them online! That said, they do have a $100 minimum total order requirement to avoid being charged a $20 administrative fee…and shipping rates might be a little rich for your blood.

**I am only here to help the people who need just a few ounces to create a recipe of your own, or my DIY ‘sunscreen‘ or foundation.

**If you want to purchase a large amount of zinc you might be better buying from them. Just run the numbers there and compare to what I have here to make the best decision.

I simply want to help those who need a few ounces to create a batch of something.


The zinc oxide I use is uncoated, non-nano, and not micronized. In a small nutshell, there are not nano-sized particles entering your body, which many other sunscreens certainly cannot claim. The FDA does not regulate this yet, but I think that they should and I take it very seriously with my sunscreen products. I am not interested in particles that have been crushed into super small parts and may enter our bodies).


To create one batch of my ‘sunscreen’ recipe you’ll need just shy of 2oz. For my foundation recipe you’ll need .5oz. Buying (1) item above is 4oz, purchasing (2) items above is 8oz, etc etc etc.

Happy and healthy non-toxic DIYing, my friend!


For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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