Facial Powder


Facial Powder – 20ml & 45ml

Arrowroot Powder*, Cacao Powder*, Zinc Oxide**, Cinnamon*, & Vitamin E***.

*certified organic | **non-nano | ***non-GMO soy

IMPORTANT! Check out our Makeup Package, where we bundle together our Facial Foundation with our Facial Powder, at a lower price. Trust me…you will love the finishing Facial Powder to ‘set’ and ‘finish’ your healthy new look, which also give you greater coverage. I often use the powder by itself many days! You pick the package size and shade.


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Pronounce Facial Powder is incredibly healthy for any skin type and provides a beautiful finish to your favorite foundation (especially light coverage Pronounce Facial Foundation). Simply apply your foundation, allow it time to dry, then use your favorite powder applicator (I love using a brush) to apply a thin layer of powder.

On days when I don’t have time (or desire) to apply foundation, I use Pronounce Facial Powder directly on my clean skin to give a nice even layer of light coverage to smooth my skin tone.

Pronounce Facial Powder comes in 3 different shades with one certainly perfect for your skin tone:

*Light Powder– Very fair skin complexion
*Medium Powder– Medium/tanned skin complexion (many people use this shade)
*Dark Powder– Very dark &/or quite tanned skin complexion

PS For safe shipping (and no spillage while in transit) your new powder comes with a clear or white sticker over the sifter; you’ll want to remove that sticker before use.

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