Easy 5 Step Leg And Foot Spa Treatment

Need a spa treatment for your tired legs and feet?

Our feet and legs carry us everywhere we need to go during the day. And while downplaying your inner Carrie Bradshaw and skipping the heels can help, all shoes can add additional pressure to our feet.

Which is why most of us can’t wait to get home to kick off our shoes and put our feet up!

But, resting our feet and legs isn’t always enough. And really they deserve better!!!

Soaking our tiredness away at the spa is the peak of relaxation. Wrapping up in a fluffy white bathrobe, sipping fruit-infused spa water, and listening to whale songs can melt away our stress and tension.

 Tropical Hibiscus Bath Bombs Recipe (transport yourself to paradise + naturally boost collagen - Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique
But this has a two fold effect - the more pampering treatments you receive at the spa the bigger the deflate you’ll feel when you see the bill!
How to Skip the Spa and Get the Same Results

If your legs and feet are in need of some serious pampering, skip the spa and use our 5 step leg and foot spa treatment instead. You can create a spa experience at home without the price tag using recipes you can use again and again!

Get ready to soak away the tiredness, reveal softer legs, and restore cracked heels in our four-part method, leaving you ready to face the next week.

Easy 5 Step Leg & Foot Spa Treatment

Step 1: Soak

Start by filling the bathtub with a few inches of warm water to soak your feet. Add a pinch of dried peppermint leaf, a scoop of Epsom salt, or a few drops of peppermint essential oil for an energizing soak. Or, make a foot soak with ingredients like you see below to help your feet feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Soothing DIY Foot Bath Recipe Step One 4 Step Leg & Foot Spa - Scratch Mommy

Step 2: Mask

While your feet are soaking show your legs some love with a cooling leg mask. It’s made with ingredients to even your skin tone, gently exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, and moisturize for a softness you can truly feel. Seriously, between the incredible cooling sensation and the smoothness after...you’ll be hooked, too!

Bowl of cooling soft leg mask with lemons - Pronounce Skincare and Herbal Boutique

Step 3: Scrub

Now,that your feet have soaked and your legs are in “Full Spa Mode,” it’s time to exfoliate! If you have a love/hate relationship with shoes this is going to be your favorite part of our leg and foot spa treatment. Use a homemade foot scrub (or give these cute little scrub cubes a try) and slough away all of those rough areas on your feet. (Rather us make a scrub for you? Here you go).

Dreamy DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe - Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique

Step 4: Shave

After scrubbing your feet rinse with warm water. Then using a sea sponge gently scrub the leg mask into your legs to shed dead skin cells and prepare the skin for a close shave. 

Next, apply a thin layer of our ultra-creamy homemade shaving cream. It’s layered with intense moisturizing ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin while shaving and provides a layer of protection between your skin and the razor.

Gorgeous, fluffy, nourishing homemade shaving cream - Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique

Step 5: Restore

Now, for the final step of our four-part leg and foot spa treatment. After pat towel drying massage our DIY restorative leg and foot butter into your feet and legs. You'll love the fresh aroma of rosemary and eucalyptus filling the air and the feels on your feet and legs.

Give extra focus to your heels by applying a generous amount our fan favorite cracked foot and heel salve recipe.

Treat your busy and tired legs and feet!

Give your feet and legs some fast relief after a long day at work or play. Each step of our easy 5 step leg & foot spa treatment will lift the weight off your soles for a fraction of the cost at home.


Not feeling particularly DIYish?

Simply not enough hours in the day? Pinning more than you could ever tackle these days? No worries. I have got you covered. Please, head on over to the Skincare Shop where I sell a lovely foot scrub that just might interest you. Also nice at night under socks is our 'Anything' Salve!

While you are there, please look around at all of my other skincare creations. I love making them for my family and for you!

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