SUPER Moisturizing DIY Antibacterial Hand Soap (leaves your hands silky smooth & ready for handshakes)

First, I am NOT a germ freak… at all (see my blog posts on Earthing and hand sanitizer).

That said… yes, I wash my hands and certainly encourage my toddler washing his hands in our home, too. We simply aren’t obsessive about it.

When we do wash our hands, we want to make sure that a few things are occurring…

  • We are actually getting them clean… in a NON-TOXIC fashion.

  • We are actually improving their condition… in an organic, HEALTHY fashion.

  • We aren’t hurting our own bodies… and also not hurting our ENVIRONMENT.

Sound good to you, too? Then this is the super easy DIY antibacterial hand soap for you.

DIY Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Soap (8OZ)


Make It

Add the following ingredients in the order they are listed below…

  • Pour Castile Soap into your bottle until it is 1/4 full
  • Add 2 T of Almond Oil
  • Add 1 T of Vegetable Glycerin
  • Add the following essential oils:
    • Lavender – 15 drops
    • Cedarwood Atlas – 8-10 drops
    • Tea Tree – 8-10 drops
    • Adjust EOs according to your scent preference, but these ratios and amount totals work well for this size container; remember, less is often more with EOs
  • Fill to the top with distilled H2O

*T=tablespoon and t=teaspoon

Ta-da. You are ready to rub-a-dub-clean and be Oh So SMOOTH!!!

And now, some ‘whys’ are answered for you

You can learn more about it in this post I wrote for a DIY Natural (& Easy) Remedy For Pests, but in a nutshell, vegetable glycerine is a great vessel to help essential oils bind to whatever you spray &/or place them on (in this case, you).

Other DIY posts I have written, which use Vegetable Glycerin include…



but you aren’t always a DIY-ish person (or maybe you are simply lacking time, motivation, supplies, raw products, etc etc etc etc)?

Please, head on over to my Pronounce Skincare Shop where I sell this hand soap.

While you are there, please look around at all of my other skincare creations. I love making them for my family and for you!

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  3. Do the ingredients separate? Do you have to shake the bottle every day or so? I’ve been looking and looking for a homemade hand soap that I won’t have to remix.

        1. Hi Jenn. I don’t know much about glucomannan, but after a quick search it appears people are using it mainly for weight loss? I don’t know about adding it into this recipe. I would probably skip the arrowroot, too, but you could give it a try. If you do, please let us know how it worked out for you!

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