Natural (& Easy) Remedy For Pests

It’s that time of year. Yeah, you know… the time when uninvited guests creep and crawl their way into our homes. How Rude! Spiders, ants, mice, and whatever else creeps and crawls through cracks (…shudder…).

Want to keep them out? Yeah, me, too. Do we want to use that highly advertised, big box store, corporate America poison? Heck No! I mean, I don’t want that stuff on my skin &/or in my lungs, let alone the skin &/or lungs of my 21 month old son! Lucky for us, I have an all-natural, safe remedy that works well on the above mentioned rodents.

Yes, a natural bug repellent to the rescue. Oh, I should mention… it’s super easy, quite cheap to create, and highly effective. Keep reading.

Yes, Only 3 Ingredients!
H2O is an easy carrier for the following two ingredients.
This ingredient is created by adding alkalis to fats and oils (basically…alkalis are a base that can easily dissolve in water). Adding vegetable glycerin helps the third ingredient to “stick” to surfaces longer than it would if it were in water alone (because it’s acting as a carrier oil, or base).
NOTE: It is important to know from where your vegetable glycerin is sourced (especially if you have any allergies, to avoid GMO sourced glycerin). Here is my very own Pronounce Skincare & Herbal boutique vegetable glycerin, derived from non-GMO soy.
Research has shown that peppermint essential oil does in fact deter the above listed rodents, and believe me (from personal experience of my lovely neighbors and me)…it does work.1234
It is also important to know exactly from where your essential oils are sourced, and how. You want to obtain organic essential oils that are obtained through as little human manipulation as possible (read more about essential oils here). Also note that if you have cats you will want to be careful with essential oils, as they can be harmful to kitties. Do a quick Google search and see what you find.



Make It

I use a small 3oz. spray bottle for DIY projects like this. If you don’t want to use plastic and prefer glass (I understand…), check out this great post from Body Unburdened.

  1. Add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil to your bottle.
  2. Add 1 T vegetable glycerin.
  3. Fill bottle (almost) to the top with water.
  4. Spray around doorways, windows, and any other places where critters might try and enter your home. You can also spray around your patio furniture to keep them away (more than you’d be able to with not spraying).

*T=tablespoon and t=teaspoon

Now, go deter those spiders, mice, & other rodents, my friends!


Need to get your hands on a non-toxic, effective bug spray for your body?

I have handcrafted “Bug Be Gone” Body Spray (organic, natural bug repellant) for sale in the Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique shop.

While you are there, please look around at all of my other skincare creations. I love making them for my family and for you!

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