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Hand Soap


Hand Soap – 2 fl. oz. (spray, for on-the-go) & 8 fl. oz. (easy to use pump)

Filtered Fluoride-Free Water, Castile Soap*, Almond Oil*, & Vegetable Glycerin*. Essential Oils: Lavender*, Cedarwood Atlas*, & Tea Tree*.

*certified organic

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Pronounce Skincare Hand Soap

I’m definitely not a germ freak, but we all obviously need to wash our hands. That said, when we do wash our hands, we want to make sure that a few things are occurring…

  1. We are actually getting them clean… in a NON-TOXIC fashion.
  2. We are actually improving their condition… in an organic, HEALTHY fashion.
  3. We aren’t hurting our own bodies… and also not hurting our ENVIRONMENT.

If all of that sounds good to you, then this is the hand soap for you!

Key Ingredients:

Castile Soap

This gives our hand soap a bit of lather to help pull dirt and grime away from your skin. It’s super gentle…no harsh toxic chemicals in our certified organic castile soap!

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a gentle (yet very powerful!), carrier oil that’s suitable for all skin types, especially dry & sensitive…not to mention that it smells absolutely amazing.

The amino acids and vitamins in sweet almond oil go on light and smooth; it absorbs easily and softens very well. The emollient properties in almond oil help to improve skin tone.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is created by adding alkalis to fats and oils (basically, alkalis are a base that can easily dissolve in water). Adding vegetable glycerin helps ingredients to better “stick” to surfaces longer than they would if they were in water alone.

Essential Oils

These certified organic essential oils are all proven germ-fighters123…and they smell delish, too!

When your new Pronounce Skincare Hand Soap is used in conjunction with our Hand & Body Lotions, your hands will be looking and feeling more healthy, soft, smooth, and radiant in no time flat.

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