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DeFunkifying Deodorant


DeFunkifying Deodorant2.5 oz. & 6 oz.

Almond Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Arrowroot Powder*, Beeswax**, Shea Butter*, Diatomaceous Earth***, Tamanu Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Neem Oil* (15% olive oil*), & Vitamin E****. Essential Oils: Bergamot*, Lemongrass*, Patchouli*, & Sandalwood*.

*certified organic | **naturally-processed | ***food grade | ****non-GMO soy

Sale ends 5/1/20 at 11:59 pm EST!


The response to my original Pronounce Deodorant Recipe has been overwhelmingly positive.

I have had literally thousands of people purchase an original Pronounce Deodorant (and thousands more purchase the DeFunkifying Deodorant you are viewing now).

As you can see, reviews for my original Pronounce Deodorant formulation have been extremely positive (and you can read more original deodorant reviews under the product ‘Discussion’ tab)…

I have sensitive skin. Using [this] deodorant for 2 weeks, I have smooth underarms… (the lifetime of red bumps— gone). I did not know this was possible!

Ummmmmm, I’ve tried every single deodorant to try and find something that isn’t toxic AND actually works, without any luck. Finally I found Scratch Mommy’s blog and discovered this; it’s amazing! Works all day, doesn’t cause me to break out into underarm lesions, and I’m so over the moon excited! Thank you Thank you!

It works!!! Smells wonderful. My husband was raving about it at golf league. He wears this or nothing at all. I’m so proud of him :)

My original Pronounce Deodorant recipe works for the vast majority of people…BUT, I’ve had a handful of people say it didn’t work as well for them as they hoped…and they want more.

When someone says that my (or any!) organic/natural deodorant didn’t work for them, my first three questions are always…

  • How long did you try it? (please give it more than a few days)
  • What were you using before? (with any personal care product change, your body will need time to adjust)
  • Have you done an armpit cleanse?

When those questions have been explored, it’s also pertinent to think about diet (what you put in your body can come out in funny ways…even through smell). …and sometimes, you truly do just need something with a bit more oomph.

DeFunkifying Deodorant – AKA…Deodorant With A Bit More OOMPH.

Not ‘too thick’ and not ‘ too thin’, but perfect for a standard deo container…and packs a bigger punch, but is still gentle enough for our sensitive, sweaty armpits.

This creation has undergone SIX recipe tweaks. It has been well-tested and is ready for you.

Scent Profile: Earthy, with a vibrant citrus overtone from the bergamot & lemongrass essential oils. Tamanu and neem make this deo beautifully rich and complex…and Earthy, in a good way.

If you desire a more simple and less complex scent (and do not want an Earthy scent), you should check out my original deodorants here (in three scents: Simply Shea, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Ladies & Lads).






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