Aftershave Spray


Aftershave Spray – 2 fl. oz. & 8 fl. oz.

Witch Hazel (filtered fluoride-free water, witch hazel bark*, vodka**), Filtered Fluoride-Free Water, Vegetable Glycerin***, Jojoba Oil*, & Vitamin E***. Essential Oils: Cedarwood Atlas* & Bay West Indies*.

*certified organic | **certified organic USA sugar cane vodka | ***non-GMO soy

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Soothing. Intoxicating. Effective. When shaving facial hair, it’s important to have a soothing Aftershave Spray to treat sensitive and beautiful skin the way it should be treated.

You will be pleased because Pronounce Aftershave Spray is…

  • Non-toxic; only nourishing, healing, organic ingredients (with our own handcrafted witch hazel!)
  • Makes your man’s face oh so fresh and super smooth to the touch
  • Smells delish

He will be pleased because…

  • He will also LOVE the scent
  • It’s easy to use
  • It works immediately to soothe his skin after a fresh shave (and to freshen up, too)

The raw ingredients in Pronounce Aftershave Spray are all incredibly healthy, super soothing, and noticeably nourishing ingredients (with that sexy, sensual smell…to boot).

Check out our Beard Balm, too, which you can now bundle with our Aftershave Spray in our Man Up Package (you save dough when you bundle)!

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