Non-Toxic Citrus Dusting Spray

This non-toxic dusting spray is so easy and effective (and smells so yummy!), you have just got to make some.
No fluff in this post…let’s just get right to the good stuff.

Let the yummy (healthy and *real*) citrus smells fill the air! Until next time…

DIY Non-Toxic Citrus Dusting Spray


Make It

  • Place all of your oils and vinegar into a 12 oz spray bottle.
  • Fill to the (almost) top with H2O. Shake well.
  • Let the chemical-free, non-toxic, effective dusting begin!

*T=tablespoon and t=teaspoon


NOTE: I have not used my dusting spray on very old woods, so I cannot vouch for how it might react. Before you go dusting all of great-grandmother’s old end tables, I’d do a testrun first.


Not feeling particularly DIYish?

Simply not enough hours in the day? Pinning more than you could ever tackle these days? No worries. I have got you covered.

This is the third DIY project I’ve posted that utilizes vegetable glycerine. Have you purchased some yet? It is great to have around the house!



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