Tools & Ingredients To DIY Your Own Pronounce Skincare Goodies!

Hello, friend! Ready to DIY your own Pronounce skincare? Today we bring you the DIY skincare post that trumps all other DIY skincare posts. Whaaaaa!?

Yup, this post includes the absolute essentials to create pretty much any simple lotion, salve, butter, and more, right in your own home.

From the (often overlooked!) excellent spatula to carrier oils to a required Pyrex bowl, this post is one you *need* to bookmark and pin so you can build your essentials to create beautiful and healthy organic skincare goods at home.


Set of Whisks

Many times in DIY skincare you use solid and dense ingredients (like a butter) with carrier oils so a whisk helps combine things really well in a double boiler. Also, anytime you add in any powders, a whisk will ensure that your raw materials are evenly combined. A good set of whisks is crucial for our sunscreen and foundation recipes.

Wooden or Bamboo Spoon (sustainably sourced)

Very helpful when you are trying to take a solid butter and put it into a double boiler or scooping out a finished product into a container. Another plus for having a wooden spoon around for DIY skincare is that are super easy to clean. Plastic is not a good option because if you put it in something too hot, you can risk the possibility of the chemicals being leached into the product. And wooden spoons last forever!


Spatulas serve a way different purpose than a wooden spoon. Since there’s a great chance your materials will solidify before you get a chance to get it off, having a spatula to scrape off the hardened product is a must. Trust me when I say, using a wooden spoon will make you stand there for a *million* years. But don’t toss the scraped product! Put it back in the middle of your pyrex bowl and remelt it so you don’t have to waste any of that product you worked so hard to create!


Pyrex Bowls

You’ll use a pyrex bowl from the beginning of your product to the very end. Thick solid glass, hard to break (although don’t try it at home), and very affordable a couple pyrex bowls are a must have! Plus, they fit perfectly on top of a pot to be used as a double boiler.


A lot of people ask for specific measurements in teaspoons or tablespoons but I don’t like giving them. Using a scale makes measuring much more accurate and easier to do things by weight. A good scale should be all glass (much easier to clean) and it’s nice if you can have the whole top plate be the scale so you have no worries about it not weighing correctly. Read more about my favorite scale that I use when making all Pronounce Skincare products.

Glass droppers

Super handy and sometimes not thought of, glass droppers help you accurately count your essential oil drops. It’s also important for measuring out vitamin E.


Whether you’re storing your raw ingredients or storing a finished product, having some sort of container available is necessary. You can use simple Ball jars or you can use small, thick walled glass containers like these for your butters and lotions. For something more durable and light weight, metal tins make perfect containers for things like deodorant, sunscreen, foundation, or salves.

Raw Materials

Beeswax gives products a “sticking” power so it helps to stick to your skin (and it has a great waterproofing ability). It also helps thicken your products. If you plan to make ointments or salves, beeswax is a must.

Also, FYI — you want a nice golden beeswax that smells like faint honey. Light yellow or white indicates that there has been some kind of processing to it which may have been chemically done (or it could possibly have been bleached). As always, looking for sustainable sources that are not overworking our bees is important. I use this beeswax in all Pronounce skincare products.

A few great books to keep in your arsenal are:


Not feeling particularly DIYish?

Simply not enough hours in the day? Pinning more than you could ever tackle these days? No worries. I have got you covered.

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