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Soothing Tooshie Salve


Soothing Tooshie Salve – 2.3 oz.

Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Beeswax**, Cocoa Butter*, & Vitamin E***. Essential Oils: Tea Tree* & Lavender*.

*certified organic | **naturally-processed | ***non-GMO soy

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Introducing Pronounce Skincare’s Soothing Tooshie Salve – Non-Toxic Diaper Rash Salve, that actually works!

You go to change your baby’s diaper and there it is…an ugly, bright red, angry, and bumpy diaper rash. If you are a first-time mother, you probably freak out right away (I know that I did). Second-time mothers, you’ve been there and done this (so to say). Either way, you know that immediate action needs to take place, as your poor little baby is most certainly in pain.

You have more than likely encountered the very common…diaper rash. Diaper rash can occur due to a number of things (always check with your doctor if you aren’t sure)…

*Irritation/rubbing due to the diaper
*Too frequent (prolonged) contact with urine or feces
*Food allergy(ies)
*Contact allergy (i.e. allergic to the diaper &/or wipes)
*Yeast infection
*Bacterial infection
**Anyway you slice it, diaper rashes are not fun for baby (nor parents)!

Of course, if you have concerns with bullets 3-6 in the list above, you may want to visit your doctor/homeopathic/naturopathic for advice. What I can tell you is that the ingredients in Pronounce Soothing Tooshie Salve will not only soothe your baby’s sweet little tooshie, but they will also help prevent diaper rash from reoccurring. It worked wonders on my little Mr. O (as did my Mr. O Body Butter for his skin).
A personal review for Pronounce Soothing Tooshie Salve (read more reviews above under the “discussions” tab)…

Just wanted to say the tooshie salve is AMAZING! My youngest had a lot of scalding on his bottom from teething and I had tried everything to soothe it but it just got worse. 2 applications of the salve and it was gone. Thank you so much!!

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