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Face Scrub


Face Scrub – 2.3 oz & 8 oz.

Turbinado Sugar*, Jojoba Oil*, Argan Oil*, Whole Rolled Oatmeal (ground, gluten-free)*, Evening Primrose Oil*, & Vitamin E**.

*certified organic | **non-GMO soy


Pronounce Skincare Face Scrub is an absolutely decadent treat for your face!

We are rough on our skin, especially our faces; there is really no way around it. I hope you are using the Pronounce Skincare Total Face System to keep your lovely mug in tip top shape on the daily. You can now add in our powerful Face Scrub (once a week is a great start) to exfoliate away a layer of dead skin cells that simply need to go! Here’s why…

Smoother Skin & Brighter Skin Tone!

When you exfoliate with Pronounce Face Scrub you will immediately notice smoother skin, and who doesn’t want smoother skin!? When you gently remove dead skin cells (and yucky dirt and leftover makeup), your skin tone will brighten and even out. Bring on the new skin cells and you will immediately see a healthy dewy glow. Yay for instant (and long lasting) gratification!

Your Other Skin Products Will Work Better!

Your Face Wash, Face Toner, Face Moisturizer, & Face Serum…even your makeup…yes, they will all work better when you do a regular face exfoliation with Pronounce Face Scrub. Think about it, when you remove more of the dirt, grime, bacteria (eww), and makeup…you have a fresh pallet from which to work. Brilliant!

Combat Signs Of Aging

Hey, none of us are getting any younger, so I personally feel as though we should embrace it (as much as we can). That said, in our Pronounce Skincare Face Scrub you now have a new tool in your toolbox to help combat those tell-tale signs of aging. As we age our skin doesn’t shed dead skin cells as rapidly as it did when we were younger. Help it along naturally with our nourishing Face Scrub!

Key Ingredients

I have packed some powerhouse ingredients into this unique Face Scrub…

Whole Rolled Oatmeal (finely ground)

Oatmeal is a wonderful cleanser, moisturizer, and buffer, and is also quite soothing and an amazing protective anti-inflammatory agent. When mixed with finely ground organic turbinado sugar, you have two perfect main ingredients for a powerful exfoliating Face Scrub!

Argan Oil

This isn’t called a miracle oil or liquid gold for no reason. In fact, there are many reasons why you need to add this lovely carrier oil into your habitual face regimen! Argan oil is packed full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins (lots of Vitamin A and Vitamin E), and important minerals that promote moisturizing  and softening of your skin.

Seriously…this stuff is UhMaaaaZing…and the reason why my scrub requires shaking before use. I wanted loads of healthy jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and argan oil incorporated with the beautiful sugar and oatmeal as exfoliators.

Evening Primrose Oil

This oil is hailed for helping with skin woes like acne, wrinkles, and even eczema. Evening primrose oil is packed full of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for skin health. This gentle oil is extracted from evening primrose seeds and is an amazing moisturizer to help keep dry areas hydrated. It also increases blood circulation, which is great for treating tired skin.

Directions For Use

  • Apply a small amount of water to your face. You don’t need much, since there are so many beautiful oils to help when you exfoliate.
  • Shake, shake shake your Face Scrub to fully combine oils with the sugar and oatmeal.
  • Scoop out a small amount of Pronounce Skincare Face Scrub with clean, dry hands. Do not get water into your container. I prefer using this over the sink, but if you are in the shower be careful, as the tub might get slick!
  • Using light circular motions, gently massage Face Scrub all over your face. Careful around your eyes.
  • If you have time, let the Face Scrub sit on your face for a few minutes so your skin can soak up all of the nourishing oils.
  • Gently splash water on your face to remove the Face Scrub and then pat dry with a towel.

Use your new Face Scrub once a week and see if you need more. During different seasons you might need more or less, but once a week is a great start.

After just one use you’ll be amazed at how fresh, healthy, bright, and *new* your face will look and feel!

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