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SkinShade (non-nano zinc oxide)


SkinShade – 2.3 oz., 4 oz., 6 oz., & 16 oz.

*Coconut Oil*, Almond Oil*, Beeswax**, Shea Butter*, Zinc Oxide***, & Vitamin E****.

*certified organic | **naturally-processed | ***non-nano | ****non-GMO soy


I actually try to get at least 15 minutes of sun everyday. Vitamin D is very good for us! That said, there is a point when, too much direct sun is not good. This is when I pull out my SkinShade (non-nano sunscreen).

You might already know that many summer sun products readily available on the market today are packed full of horrific chemicals. In fact, oxybenzone, which is found in 80% of chemical sun care products has been shown to penetrate the skin, cause allergic reactions, and has been shown to disrupt hormones. Eek!

I have a wonderful solution – Pronounce SkinShade (non-nano sunscreen). My lotion is an incredibly smooth, mainly scentless, *non-toxic* one, which is incredibly effective. Because of the types and quality of ingredients I use, you can feel completely safe putting this on your 90 year old grandmother, you infant’s face, and your own skin. In fact, you will be moisturizing your skin by applying it!

Pronounce SkinShade contains the following ingredients…

*Coconut Oil (certified organic)
*Shea Butter (certified organic)
*Beeswax Pastiles (naturally processed)
*Sweet Almond Oil (certified organic)
*Zinc Oxide (uncoated, non-nano, and not micronized)
*Vitamin E Oil (non-GMO soy source)

The zinc oxide I use in Pronounce SkinShade is uncoated, non-nano, and not micronized. This all means that there are not nano-sized particles entering your body, which many other products certainly cannot claim. The FDA does not regulate this yet, but I think that they should and I take it very seriously.

Because I use zinc oxide that is not micronized (meaning that the particles aren’t crushed into super small parts that enter our bodies), this is like a thick, incredibly soft lotion. It melts when it hits your skin and it rubs it in beautifully, but it is not thin and runny like other toxic sun protection products. I actually appreciate this very much.

I do not have equipment to scientifically measure levels of SPF, however, through all of the research I have done, I can tell you that this product is at least SPF 20, possibly higher.

Speaking of…did you know that the higher the SPF number does not really mean better coverage? Really, it’s true! Do a quick Google search! I have learned that SPF protection does not increase proportionally to an increase in SPF. For example, an SPF of 2 absorbs 50% of UV rays, SPF 15 absorbs 93%, and an SPF of 34 absorbs 97% of UV rays. Interesting, huh?

**Just like other natural and non-toxic products of this nature, you should reapply this at least every hour or so. I add beeswax to this recipe, which helps it stay on in the water, but like many other products like this, it will come off with lots of water play (and excessive sweating).

Also, this product will “set up” when in cold temperatures and will soften (not melt) when really hot. None of this affects the function of the product, at all. If it gets cold and solidifies, put it somewhere warm and vice versa.


2.3oz, 6oz, & 16oz SkinShades are housed in beautiful recyclable, thick-walled glass jars; 4oz SkinShades are packaged in fantastic recyclable squeeze tubes.


Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed with Pronounce SkinShade. Let me ship some to you today!
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Pronounce SkinShade was featured in national magazine Willow and Sage!





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