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Plastic Containers (various types)


Powder sifters, a pump bottle, squeeze tubes, white lip balm tubes, and lovely black and white deodorant tubes…we’ve got your plastic container needs covered!

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Although we definitely prefer glass containers here at Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique, sometimes you can’t find what you need in glass, &/or a plastic container is a safer bet. We are here to help you when those needs arise. From DIY organic facial powder to those times when you want a plastic pump container (think shower!) to deodorants…you’re sure to find what you need here for your DIY needs.

Black Deodorant Tubes

Whether you are whipping up our original DIY deodorant recipe (with NO baking soda!) or our DeFunkifying Deodorant recipe, you’ll want to pour it into this gorgeous and unique black deodorant tube. Am.I.Right!??
You can see more pictures of this container being used in our Pronounce Deodorants (4 scents) & DeFunkifying Deodorant.

  • 2.65 oz Black Deodorant Tube – length 2.20 inches / width 1.26 inches / height 4.88 inches

Powder Sifters

These are clear polystyrene jars with smooth black PE lined polypro caps. This container is available in three sizes and each one contains a translucent polypropylene sifter insert. Powder sifter comes with a clear plastic sticker over the holes to make your life easier when you snap it into place after filling your container.
You can see more pictures of these containers being used in our Pronounce Skincare Facial Powder.

  • 10 ml Powder Sifter – height .91 inches / diameter 1.46 inches
  • 20 ml Powder Sifter – height .94 inches / diameter 2.01 inches
  • 45 ml Powder Sifter – height 1.10 inches / diameter 2.28 inches

Plastic Squeeze Tubes

From lotions to shampoo to soaps to conditioner…there are loads of great DIY skin and hair care concoctions you can get into these lovely recyclable plastic squeeze tubes/bottles! Both options are BPA-free.

  • 4 oz White HDPE Bottles w/White Cap. Hinged snap top cap, which is easy to flip open and dispense your product by squeezing the sides of the bottle. Orifice 0.154 inches / height 5.55 inches / width 2.28 inches / neck finish 22 mm.
  • 4 oz Natural Cylinder Bottles w/White Flip Top Cap. Made of translucent, impact-resistant HDPE. Cap diameter 1.10 inches / flip top (opening): 3 mm.

Plastic Bottle w/Pump

Shampoo, conditioner, hair rinses…sometimes you might prefer plastic. This naturally frosted bottle is a great option for you! This natural HDPE plastic boston round bottle includes a black lotion pump, which dispenses 0.5 cc per stroke.

  • 4 oz Plastic Bottle w/Pump – height 5.51 inches / diameter 1.81 inches

Lip Balm Tubes (white)

These white polypropylene lip balm tubes are perfect for your lip creations. They feature turning wheels on the lip balm tube bottoms, allowing your product to be cleanly and evenly dispensed. Try out our DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm, DIY Dandelion Lip Balm, and grab Pronounce’s free e-book when you sign up for our newsletter list and get our exclusive Lip Lotion recipe! Get creative, too…you can dispense salves from these tubes as well (like our ‘Fix Pretty Much Anything Salve’).

  • .15 oz White Lip Balm Tubes – height 2.64 inches / diameter .63 inches