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Face Wash


Face Wash >> Step 18 fl. oz.

Witch Hazel (filtered fluoride-free water, witch hazel bark*, vodka**), Filtered Fluoride-Free Water, Castile Soap*, Aloe Vera*, Castor Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, & Vitamin E***. Essential Oils: Lavender*, Patchouli*, Frankincense*, & Geranium*.

*certified organic | **certified organic USA sugar cane vodka | ***non-GMO soy

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STEP 1 >> Face Wash – A fantabulously effective face cleaner, yet super gentle. Used in conjunction with the rest of the non-toxic Total Face System, Step 1 gets your face back to clean…washing away the day’s grime…and helping your skin actually clear and moisturize, while being incredibly gentle and nice to your face.

Key Ingredients:

Witch Hazel

Handcrafted right here by us in the Pronounce Skincare Laboratory! We make our own witch hazel using the finest organic witch hazel bark and organic vodka available. The vodka we use is distilled from organic, non-GMO sugarcane harvested in Hawaii.

Witch hazel works for oily skin, normal skin, and dry skin. How unique! As far as cleaning goes, witch hazel does a fantastic job of cleaning out the daily grime from pores, while not being a drying agent. It is also a natural toner and skin relaxer…which is why I use it in our naturally healing Aftershave Spray and Face Toner.

Castile Soap

This gives our face soap a bit of lather to help pull dirt and grime away from your face. It’s super gentle…no harsh toxic chemicals in our certified organic castile soap!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera = super healer! It is a light and non-greasy moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties. Full of antioxidants, it also stimulates growth of new cells and reduces redness…all while being a super gentle worker on your face. Perfect!

Castor Oil

What a real treat castor oil is for your face! Castor oil is thick, so a little goes a long way. The addition of this ingredient will help to further dissolve dirt and oil, and also help wash away any eye makeup you have on and carry it away onto your washcloth &/or down the drain.

Carrot Seed Oil

Because carrot seed oil is very high in antioxidants, it really is a natural addition for anyone looking for anti-aging ingredients. The ability of this oil to rejuvenate skin is incredible! That is why you often see it in many (often toxic) ‘high-end’ skincare regiments.

A little goes a long way with this oil, too. It will turn things orange, so only a few drops are necessary.

Seriously, I have friends, family, and customers who swear by Pronounce Face Wash (and the entire Total Face System). Take a look at the pictures you see below. She had tried SO MANY face systems, with no luck…some toxic and some non-toxic…no luck!

After using Pronounce Face Wash, Face Toner, and Face Moisturizer…she has had great success!

Using Pronounce Face Wash

First, shake your glass bottle to combine ingredients, as they will separate, but easily combine when you shake the bottle. Use 3-5 pumps on a wet washcloth and then gently scrub. You’ll notice that you don’t get a lot of sudsing action, which is a-okay. We do not use emulsifiers and there are no added sudsing agents, which is great. All you need are simple ingredients that gently clean and do not strip your face of the essential oils it needs. You just want a gently cleaned face! Finally, rinse away with a splash of water and then follow with the Pronounce Skincare Face Toner, Face Lotion, and Face Serum (save money and buy them all together in the Pronounce Skincare Total Face System)!

Then…be sure to follow in the morning with Pronounce Skincare light coverage Facial Foundation and Facial Powder!

When your new Face Wash is used in conjunction with the rest of the Pronounce Skincare Total Face System, you’ll be looking and feeling more healthy and radiant in no time flat.

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