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Face Serum


Face Serum >> Step 4 – 0.22 oz.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Vitamin E**, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, & Rosemary Antioxidant* (with olive oil*). Essential Oils: Cedarwood Atlas*, Sandalwood*, Frankincense*, & Lavender*.

*certified organic | **non-GMO soy

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Face Serum >> Step 4  – This beautiful Face Serum is the perfect finishing touch before bedtime. After using step 1 (Face Wash), step 2 (Face Toner), and step 3 (Face Moisturizer), rejuvenating Step 4 Face Serum helps smooth wrinkles and lines…all while you sleep!

The easy to use Pronounce Face Serum comes in a gorgeous thick-walled glass tube, with a rollerball for easy application. Simply roll this around your eyes (not too close), mouth, and forehead for the finishing touch to your face for the day.

Key Players:

Jojoba Oil – The proteins and minerals in jojoba oil mimic collagen, making it the plant-based carrier oil closest to our natural skin oil. An interesting fact about jojoba is that it is actually a liquid plant wax as opposed to an oil, and it will get cloudy and solidify as the temperature drops. It has shown anti-inflammatory effects, which is also great for this overnight, rejuvenating Face Serum.

Jojoba oil is actually great for all skin types — especially acne prone skin since jojoba actually breaks down excess sebum. All of this makes jojoba oil a great base for this Face Serum, as it helps protect your skin against environmental issues.

Carrot Seed Oil – Because carrot seed oil is very high in antioxidants, it really is a natural addition for anyone looking for anti-aging ingredients. The ability of this oil to rejuvenate skin is incredible! That is why you often see it in many (toxic) ‘high-end’ skincare regiments.

A little goes a long way with this oil (it is powerful stuff). It will turn things orange, so only a few drops are necessary in our recipe.

Sea Buckthorn Oil – Light in consistency and quick absorbing, sea buckthorn oil has a ton of antioxidants in the form of carotenoids and vitamins A, C, and E, so it goes right to work to fight free radicals.

Great for dry, irritated, and aging skin. A little goes a long way with this beautiful oil, too, as it will also turn things orange, but I’ve used the perfect amount in your new Face Serum. Because of the possibility of light orange on your face, this is an overnight finishing touch to the entire face system.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil – Steam distilled from cedarwood, this essential oil has regenerative and astringent properties to help promote clear, healthy skin. It’s woody, dry aroma is wonderfully grounding in skincare recipes. Perfect!

Sandalwood Essential Oil – This is a *favorite* essential oil for me. It is so intoxicating to my senses! Sandalwood essential oil not only gives an intense woody/Earthy/delicious smell, but it is extremely moisturizing. It is a no-brainer for skincare products for its extreme moisturizing capabilities.

Frankincense Essential Oil – This EO is a must have for many of my skin care creations. It has been shown to visually tighten the appearance of skin and also offers support, overall, for the best health of your skin.

Lavender Essential Oil – Calming and soothing, this is a beautiful choice for your new Face Serum.

Simply apply this at the end of your nightly face routine around your eyes, forehead, mouth lines, etc…and let all of the organic, raw goodness go to work for you while you sleep!

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