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Bug Spray


Bug Spray – 2 fl. oz. & 8 fl. oz.

Filtered Fluoride-Free Water, Vanilla Extract*, Neem Oil* (15% olive oil*), Vegetable Glycerin**. Essential Oils: Tea Tree* & Geranium*.

*certified organic | **non-GMO soy


Bugs buggin’ you? Not anymore! Pronounce Skincare Bug Spray is truly NON-TOXIC, contains organic ingredients, and is an EFFECTIVE bug repellent solution!

Pronounce Bug Spray smells great and also serves the main purpose of keeping mosquitoes and other buggers at bay, all while being non-toxic and healthy. You simply shake your bottle, spray it on your clothing and any exposed skin, head outside, and enjoy the great outdoors.

The ingredients used in Pronounce Skincare Bug Spray are highly effective for fighting off pesky bugs.

  • Tea Tree Oil has antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only is it healthy and healing (in appropriate doses) for humans, it is *strongly* disliked by many insects.
  • Geranium Oil has strong wound healing properties and holds many of the same properties as Tea Tree Oil, but it is also hailed for its ability to keep insects (especially mosquitoes) away.
  • Neem Oil has an impressive, well-researched track record of not only being incredibly moisturizing and healthy for all skin types, but also for repelling biting and stinging insects.
  • Vanilla Extract– Those annoying, buzzing, tiny flies? Yeah, they loathe vanilla. Perrrrfect!

You will not be disappointed with Pronounce Bug Spray. Order a beautiful frosted glass spray bottle today and within a few days you’ll be sitting outside enjoying your evenings and not constantly swatting away bugs that land on your skin. Get back your outside time…don’t let those annoying bugs have it!

While you’re outside, don’t forget your non-toxic, non-nano SkinShade sun protection!