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How Did Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique Start?

Early in 2013 I was sitting in our hot tub with my hubby talking about the rave reviews I’d received from family and friends for handcrafted, organic skincare gifts I made them for the holidays. I told my husband I wanted to sell the products I was making…but also tell people how to DIY them. He said I was crazy and apparently I am, but doing just fine.

After suffering from eczema my entire life (and my toddler, too) the pediatric dermatologist prescribed steroids for my infant’s face. After seeing his skin thin out, I knew there had to be a better solution. So, I dropped out of a PhD program, I bought my first website domain, shared some real food and DIY recipe posts, and opened an online organic skincare shop called Scratch Mommy Organic Skincare.

In May of 2016 I relaunched my skincare line from Scratch Mommy Organic Skincare to Pronounce Skincare. Why? My skincare products are in thousands of homes around the world. While Scratch Mommy fully encompasses the content that I share on the blog, I want the skincare line to stand on its own. Pronouncing the ingredients in your skincare products is hugely important to me, so it is a perfect fit.

November 7, 2016 is the next milestone for Pronounce Skincare …& Herbal Boutique. That’s right…I will now offer raw, certified organic ingredients in both my online shop AND in my retail store!

The grand opening celebration was November 14, 2016. Here is a short live Facebook video of the event that evening (and get a quick tour of the store)!

…and here I am today! It is very gratifying to know that I eliminated the cheap, unnecessary, filler, toxic ingredients found being peddled in the lobby of my dermatologist’s office. My mommy intuition that told me to stop putting steroids on my son’s face and I’m so glad that I listened.

As a long-time suffer of eczema myself, I had to share my recipes for the DIY’er and sell for those that would rather just buy. On our journey, I’ve realized that food, lifestyle, and skincare are all really important and living life from scratch is a lifestyle easy to start or to pass on to others.

I feel like my business model is a win-win situation for all: DIY your own handcrafted skincare goodies by grabbing the free recipes over at Scratch Mommy and the raw materials from my herbal boutique…or…simply head over to the Pronounce Skincare Shop where you can purchase quality handcrafted organic skincare goodies for you and yours.

Passion, Vision, & Mission

Again, maybe I am cray cray, but my vision was to become the destination DIY site for the home and body while also giving people the option to purchase my handcrafted organic skincare goodies. My motto is “Your skin’s best friend.” Once you try my products, you will understand.

As you’ll see in the blog and in the store I am totally transparent about where I source my ingredients, why I sourced them, and why they are truly the best. I also want people to understand why each ingredient is used and the properties of each ingredient. Through a great deal of (fun!) trial and error, I have crafted the finest organic skincare products, with focus on health of the entire body.

Why We Are Unique

I’m a small handcrafted outfit (just me and one Creative Team Member), but I would put my products up against anything I have ever seen on the market.

We use not only the finest ingredients that I have ever found (certified organic, raw, fair-trade, sustainably sourced), but 90+% of my products are in glass containers. We joke about no BPA here. Glass costs more to ship, why do you think the big brands at Macy’s and elsewhere have glass-looking plastic!? We also use recycled paper for packing. Do you know how much cheaper foam pellets are? Our products also come in handy reusable cotton bags.

The reality is that we have quickly become the destination for the finest handcrafted organic skincare products that you can buy, period. I’m sure others feel that way too, but you can learn about most of our products at Pronounce Skincare in great detail – the what, why, how all answered – and learn how to DIY many of them over at my Scratch Mommy blog. It’s total transparency. It’s the full story about each product. That’s unique, but it drives me not only to share what I have learned, but to have an impact on people wanting better products for their body.

Even if they don’t DIY or buy, I know that I have helped people know what to look for and get past the buzz words like “contains shea butter” or “made with real shea butter” or even “all-natural” – what does any of that even mean?

A Memorable Moment

So, I went to the dermatologist a couple of years ago and my now retired doc said, “Where you don’t have eczema, you have some of the softest, healthiest skin that I have ever seen. What do you use?” I told him, “I make my own products.” He replied, “Patent them.” I replied, “I sell them and share the recipes.”

My Favorite Product

I’m partial to my Body Butter, as it was the first product I made and sold. However, even as delicious as that organic cocoa butter smells, my Lavender-Infused Body Lotion is incredible. I infuse the lavender herb into the carrier oil, which is wickedly time consuming, but it’s basically skin love in a glass bottle. My mother-in-law seriously freaks out if she thinks she will run out and I have to rush shipment to her. But being in her sixties with skin as soft as a baby’s rear end, I can’t blame her. That product was a couple years in the making and now is flying off the shelves!

Top Gift Suggestions

I have gifts for everyone. Just think about what your loved ones need and where they are. If you are buying for a cancer survivor, maybe my Deodorant that does not use aluminum or my SkinShade sunscreen that uses non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

For pampering, my new Total Face System, Skin Salve, or Softening Skin Scrub are all great options. For someone who hates the feeling of having to take a shower after being peppered with name brand (toxic) aerosol bug spray, maybe my Bug Spray.

Who doesn’t love a good lip balm!?? Pronounce Lip Lotions are UhMaaaZing. For men, Aftershave Spray or my new Beard Balm (but let’s not forget that men love my Body Butters, especially Mr. O, to soften up those elbows).

For the person that cakes on make-up, probably not my foundation and powder (hehe!), but for those that want to radiate their natural beauty and rock their natural skin, my light coverage Facial Foundation and matching Facial Powder will make them radiate in truly healthy ways. Of course, the most important thing is that you don’t forget yourself!

Words Of Advice

Knowledge is power. To live a healthier life starts by understanding what you are putting on your skin. Read the free content I offer over at my blog, Scratch Mommy. Learn the truth about toxic ingredients and what you should avoid. Then, read the labels of all of your current products…and try not to freak out. Start by replacing one product to feel the difference and make a plan!

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