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Healing Instinct

My mommy intuition told me to stop putting steroids on my young son’s face. I’m so glad I listened. Having treated my own eczema for years, when my son was first diagnosed with a similar condition I turned to my dermatologist for help – but soon realized conventional prescription drugs were compromising rather than improving his health. Through my family’s wellness journey I’ve learned that food, fitness, and skin care are intertwined, and that creating my life from scratch is a lifestyle I love to pass on to others.

I started the original Scratch Mommy blog to share my exploration into health and natural skin treatments. The overwhelmingly positive response and readership encouraged me to keep learning, healing, and from-scratching, and led to the inception of Pronounce, my natural skincare shop.

Pronouncing the ingredients that I put in my body is hugely important to me. In each of my recipes I’ve eliminated the ingredients that I can’t pronounce – cheap, unnecessary, filler, often toxic ingredients – ingredients that can even be found in the lobby of my dermatologist’s office.

Pronounce Family Jessica Healy

I believe my business model is a win-win for wellness searchers: I’ve made DIY, handcrafted skincare readily available by providing free recipes on my blog and supplying raw recipe ingredients in my Herbal Boutique…or simply head over to the Pronounce Skincare Shop to purchase quality handcrafted organic skincare treatments for you and yours.

In My Arsenal: Jessica’s Daily Skincare Routine

Living a healthier life starts by understanding what you are putting on your skin. Learn the truth about toxic ingredients and what you should avoid.

Body Butter

Straight out of the shower, I absolutely love the Signature Body Butter but sometimes I’ll switch it up for the Lavender Infused Lotion. 

Total Face System

I love feeling the delicate -yet powerful- treatments of the Total Face System soothe, protect, and rejuvenate – my antidote to good old Mother Nature and Mother Time.

Lip Lotion

Given all the smiling (and kissing!) I do, I keep my lips soft and at the ready. Even though a little goes a long way, I seem to find a Lip Lotion in just about every pocket.

Facial Powder

On days when I don’t have time to apply foundation, I brush Light Facial Powder directly onto my clean face, a finishing touch that smooths and evens my skin tone.

Happy Families


Top Gift suggestions

Who doesn’t love a good lip balm!?? Pronounce Lip Lotions are UhMaaaZing. For men, Aftershave Spray or Beard Balm (but let’s not forget that men love Body Butters, especially Mr. O, to soften up those elbows).

For pampering, the Total Face System, Skin Salve, or Softening Skin Scrub are all great options. Or Bug Spray for someone who hates the feeling of having to take a shower after being peppered with name brand (toxic) aerosol bug spray.

If you are buying for a cancer survivor, maybe Deodorant that does not use aluminum or SkinShade sunscreen that uses non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

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